…..Why you should use ‘selling your diamond.net’


1.      You have a proven, safe and ingenious system at your fingertips that allows you to sell your diamond in a professional, dignified matter and you will receive a totally fair price for your diamond.  

2.      The buyer has the chance to view your diamond online and then in person directly with the appraiser in his/her city. The buyer hears directly from the bona fide appraiser that ‘yes’ the diamond matches the GIA or AGS or other report and that the price being paid is very reasonable.

You may have the ad listed and only pay only the ad placement fee of $125.00USD with NO commission due. If you just have the ad listed, it is recommended that you follow the guidelines and principles as set forth on this site, however, you are under no obligation to do so and you may sell the diamond using whatever means suit you once you hear from an interested buyer. I, Martin Sheffield, recommend using the principles and guidelines as set forth in this site for both the seller's and buyer's protection. Alternately, you may have myself participate and be part of your sale to ensure that all the proper procedures and guidelines are adhered to. You have the benefit of utilizing are credit card service for deposits taken as well as using are IN TRUST bank account for protection purposes. If you, the seller, chose to proceed with the support service from myself, Martin Sheffield, then there would be the additional 5% due upon the completion of the sale. Likewise, if the buyer purchases on his/her own then the purchaser just pays for the diamond or item of jewelry. However, if the purchaser requests my involvement and support then there would be a 5% commission due and payable. If either the buyer and/or seller decide to handle the sale on their own so that there is no commission then it is recommended that both parties carefully read and understand all the principles and guidelines as set forth in this ad. Then the only expense incurred is the ad placement fee that the seller places. If you do everything on your own you are still most welcome to call with any questions that you may have concerning the principles and guidelines. Currently all ads run until the item is sold however, SellingYourDiamond.net reserves the right to make changes to the time limits on ads placed but will guarantee the placement for a minimum of at least a year. Sellingyourdiamond.net, IGS Inc. and Martin Sheffield assume no liability for any damages that may be incurred however caused as a result of using the procedures on this site or by having an ad placed on this site.   

3.      I, Martin Sheffield, an Accredited Appraiser and Graduate Gemologist as well as having 40 years in the diamond business, will act as moderator and will assist you in selling your diamond. I will oversee the whole transaction and will be watching the progress.  I will ensure that the price is the ‘right price’ ….not too low and not too high…..so that your diamond sells quickly.  I will answer any questions that you may have regarding the process and offer you as much advice as I can.   

4.      Your loose diamond receives maximum exposure from a multitude of websites that have direct links to ‘sellingyourdiamond.net’. Your diamond is listed on the major appraiser websites, diamond resource sites such as …Pricescope.com, diamond information sites,  diamond quote sites etc. etc.   

5.      Your diamond will receive a one month free listing on the Polygon site.  For one month every dealer in the USA and Canada will have access to your diamond and will be able to promote it to their clients.  There is an extremely high probability that the diamond would even be sold within the first month.  Certain conditions must be met for the diamond to be listed on Polygon.  The diamond must be loose,  must have a GIA or AGS or other credible cert, and the diamond must be examined by the accredited gemologist in your city in order to verify that it matches the cert.  If a client wants to purchase your diamond you should be prepared to have the diamond available within a few days notice.  There is a fee of $50/month to have the diamond listed on Polygon for an additional 30 days.  The ad for your diamond on  ‘sellingyourdiamond.net’ is on with no time limit. Should the diamond be sold through the Polygon method, then a 5% commission fee is due and payable to IGS Inc.   If the diamond is sold through the regular listing, then a 5% commission fee is due and payable to IGS Inc.  

6.      This way of selling a diamond is totally safe and secure.  At no point do you ever meet with the buyer.  You only deal with the highly professional appraiser in your city and the client’s city.  It is of the utmost importance to follow the procedural guidelines.  At no time do you ever ship a diamond.  The appraiser in your city must ship to the appraiser in the potential buyer’s city.  You pay the appraiser his shipping costs.  From experience, after the client has seen the cert and has spoken to the appraiser in your city chances are extremely high that the diamond will be purchased by the buyer once the buyer views the diamond at the appraiser in his city.    The buyer will properly sign for the diamond at the appraiser in his/her city before taking the diamond.  If, for any reason the diamond is returned, then the diamond may not be shipped back to you but must be shipped from the buyer’s appraiser to your appraiser.  This method protects everyone from any potential fraudulent activity. The buyer will only take the diamond once you have the funds in your account.  I, Martin Sheffield, am here to assist you in any way possible to make the transaction as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

7.      You may call 1 800 252 1476 or mailto:diamonds@usacerteddiamonds.com for assistance.

 To start your ad appearing just click on the link to the left  ‘How To List Your Diamond Using The Online Form’.  There is a one time fee of $125.00USD for the ad to be permanently placed. SellingYourDiamond.Net does reserve the right to edit or remove any ads at anytime.   Once the diamond is sold, either a 5% on the Polygon method of listing or 5% on the Regular listing that will be due and payable to IGS Inc.  If you should decide that you would like to have your diamond sold without personally participating in the sale and by having the contact information as myself, Martin Sheffield, with the ‘SellingYourDiamond.Net’ phone number listed on the ad 800 252 1476 as well as the ‘SellingYourDiamond.Net’ email listed:  mailto:diamonds@usacerteddiamonds.com, I will be more than pleased to look after all enquiries into the sale of your diamond so that you, the seller, do not have to get personally involved.  Should you wish to leave all the sale’s work to myself, Martin Sheffield  that is fine, however, instead of the normal 5% commission, the commission rate would be 10%.  By doing it this way, you avoid all contact with the public totally.  If you wish to conduct the sale on your own, then there is no commission charged.  

8.       The ad will be professionally placed by myself, Martin Sheffield.  I reserve the right to edit any ads for the sake of accuracy, fairness in description and true representation.  I will contact you if I feel the asking price is not right.   

9.       Should your diamond not have a GIA or AGS or other valid report and you want to sell the diamond without bothering to obtain the report then have the diamond removed from the setting.  Only have a jeweler that the appraiser recommends to remove the diamond from the setting.  Then have the accredited bona fide appraiser from http://www.diamondappraisers.net  appraise just the loose diamond.  The appraisal should include the following:  shape, weight, dimensions, clarity, colour, cut grade, symmetry, polish, fluorescence check as well as sarin report, and inclusion plot.  This would make the appraisal just as valid as having a GIA or AGS or other valid report.  The buyer would also have his local bona fide appraiser in his city check the seller’s appraisal.  The diamond would be sent to the seller’s appraiser who would verify the appraisal by the buyer’s appraiser.  This way you can circumvent having a GIA or AGS or other valid report and the buyer has the assurance that it is being checked by two independent appraisers as well.  This method works extremely well.  So having a GIA or AGS or other valid report isn’t a necessity when it comes to selling your diamond. For larger diamond clusters, and combination colored stone and diamond clusters you may want to leave the main diamond in the setting and sell the item strictly as an item of jewelry.  As a rule of thumb, if the diamond significantly stands apart from all the other diamonds and/or colored stones, and constitutes the majority of the value then have the diamond sold lose.  If the diamond totally blends in and the value of the ring with all the other diamonds is equal to or more than the main diamond, then sell the item as a whole diamond cluster ring. If you do that, then you must have an independent appraisal of the ring from your local appraiser.  

10.    As you can see, I, Martin Sheffield  am very actively involved in this process and am very sincere about protecting the buyer and seller from anything going wrong.  I am available at 800 252 1476 or mailto:diamonds@usacerteddiamonds.com anytime for any questions.  At  the same time, I feel that I am promoting a great service that is certainly beneficial to both the buyer and seller.  I am one of the first persons in the diamond industry to look at the dark almost ‘negative’  side of privately selling a diamond and am trying to turn it into a positive and rewarding experience for both buyer and seller.  Most of the appraisers in the US know me quite well as at one time or another I have had diamonds sent to them in order to be verified for clients.  The only real difference here is that the diamond is not coming from the diamond supplier but coming from the seller’s appraiser………truly,  that’s the only difference.  I am supplying an amazing site to list your diamond with superior exposure to the right clientele. And, most important, I am at the helm making sure that everything runs smoothly.  Remember, all procedures must be followed and that I am here for any guidance and questions and you should find the experience of selling or buying your diamond very rewarding.  

11.    Ultimately, IGS  Inc. does not claim any liability or responsibility whatsoever for anything that may happen at any time.   If you follow all the guidelines as set forth in this site, then  this proven procedure should work very well for you.  Remember, I am available by phone or email with any questions that you may have.