This step-by-step guide is easy to follow if you’re in the market to sell your diamond.  However, you should read all the other sections on this site to gain an understanding of precisely why this method is benefiting  both yourself and the buyer to the absolute maximum extent.

1.      Locate any certed documents related to the diamond such as a GIA, or AGS, or other certed documents.

2.      Visit to locate a qualified independent certified appraiser close to you. 

3.      Call this appraiser and explain to them that you are in the process of selling your diamond ring and that you would like to have the main diamond removed from the setting.  If the appraiser can recommend someone to remove the diamond, then I would use that person as opposed to walking into a strange place.  (Note:  Removing the diamond means that the appraiser can more accurately appraise the diamond and chances are that being loose the diamond will sell much quicker as well.)

4.      Have the diamond removed from the setting.  If you can watch the diamond setter remove the diamond that is preferable.

5.      Set up an appointment with the appraiser.  Have the appraiser check the diamond to make sure that it matches the original GIA, AGS or other valid report.  On the appraiser’s report please make sure that the appraiser states that it matches the GIA, AGS or other valid report. If the diamond had acquired any damage it is important to note that as well. If you do not have a GIA, AGS or other valid  report then have the appraiser do an equivalent or as close to equivalent report as a GIA report on the loose diamond. Take the diamond and the report back home with you.

6.      Next, read over the website and once you complete reading the site please give myself, Martin Sheffield, a call at 800 252 1476 or to initiate placing an official ad on the site.  The cost for the ad is a one time fee of $125.00USD.  The ad stays on till hopefully the diamond is sold.  Just after placing the ad you would then scan the GIA, AGS, or other valid certs as well as the appraiser’s current cert to  Within a few days your ad should be appearing and you should hopefully be getting calls shortly thereafter.  Also, prior to calling myself, please to some research on the selling price by visiting other internet sites to see what similar diamonds are selling for.  We want to go 5 to 20% lower as a stimulus for potential buyers to buy from you as opposed to an internet dealer.  If you have any problems figuring out a valid listing price I will be more than pleased to assist you.  All listing prices are checked by myself to ensure fairness for both the seller and buyer.

7.      Once you get a very serious caller who you feel will purchase the diamond should everything check out OK then you (the seller) call up the appraiser who had recently completed the appraisal report for you and tell that appraiser that you will be returning the diamond to have it sent out to another appraiser in the potential buyer’s city. At this point you should call myself, Martin Sheffield, at 800 252 1476 or in order that I can communicate with the appraiser in your city to explain in more detail exactly what’s happening.  The seller should also notify myself, Martin Sheffield, who the buyer’s appraiser is in order that I may validate this appraiser and make sure that the appraiser is officially certified and is totally independent and has all the necessary credentials. Also, the buyer will notify, myself, Martin Sheffield, who the potential buyer is in order that I may contact the buyer in order to take a deposit from the buyer as well as to get all the necessary information from the buyer to start an invoice as well as the buyer-seller agreement.

8.      Next step would be for the seller to return the diamond to his/her appraiser in order that the appraiser can send the diamond to the potential buyer’s appraiser.  The seller should get a receipt for the diamond. The seller’s appraiser should send out the loose diamond in a proper diamond package.  The diamond should be clean and have no greasy fingerprints on it etc. etc to dull the diamond when presented to the potential buyer. The seller’s appraiser should also include the  original GIA or AGS or other valid cert as well as the appraisers report.  In a separate sealed envelope the appraiser should note a specific preassigned password number that will be given out by myself, Martin Sheffield, to the seller’s appraiser.  On the envelope it should be marked confidential and to the attention of the appraiser.  Be sure that the appraiser obtains the proper insurance coverage and sends the diamond out by Fedex insured overnight. The package should be triple boxed.  The seller’s appraiser should send a copy of the Fedex weighbill to the seller as well as to myself Martin Sheffield at

9.      Once the diamond is shipped out by your appraiser to the potential buyer’s appraiser you should follow through on the delivery by visiting  or calling 1 800 GoFedex and entering the Fedex tracking number to view the progress.  Do not give this tracking number out to anyone.  Once the diamond is signed for by the buyer’s appraiser please call the buyer’s appraisal to confirm that it has been received and please remind the buyer’s appraiser that it is not to be released until such time that the buyer is officially notified by myself, Martin Sheffield, that the diamond has been paid for.  I, Martin Sheffield, will precall the appraiser with a password and it is required that the appraiser email me back and call me back with the password as well.  This password will totally ensure that the diamond is only released to the buyer after the funds have been received In Trust by IGS Inc. 

10.  After the potential buyer has a visit with the buyer’s appraiser please contact the buyer to ensure that everything went well.  At that point contact myself, Martin Sheffield, and I will send the buyer all the wire transfer instructions. You will also tell me the exact price that you had sold the diamond for.  Once the funds have been wire transferred to the current account of,  I will officially notify the buyer’s appraiser and the buyer, and the buyer could then pick up the diamond from his/her (buyer’s) appraiser. 

11. After 10 days I will make arrangements for the seller to be paid the amount wire transferred less the 5% commission…….and the sale has been made and both yourself and the buyer have both benefited to the maximum. 

12.  If both buyer and seller decide to do everything on their own, then there is no commission charge to either buyer or seller and I am not involved managing, supervising and overseeing the sale.  In that case make sure that both the buyer and the seller reads this website carefully so that you understand fully the methods of this website.  Please call myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 with any questions.  Thank you.