This step-by-step guide is easy to follow if you’re in the market to purchase a diamond.  You should read all the other sections on this site in order to gain an understanding of precisely why this method is benefiting yourself as the buyer… the absolute maximum.  You should find the prices on this site approx. 10 to 20% lower than similar diamonds on all the other diamond internet vendor sites. If you need any assistance or help locating just the right diamond for yourself, please give myself, Martin Sheffield a call at 800 252 1476 or  Should you require any assistance in the steps outlined below please don’t hesitate to call or email.  

1.        Scan through the diamonds for sale to locate the one that matches your parameters.  Please observe the copies of the GIA or AGS or other valid reports.  Please observe the official appraisal received by the independent certified appraiser in his/her city. Most of the appraisers are listed on  Should a diamond just have the recent appraisal from the appraiser and not have a GIA, AGS or other valid report………that is OK too.  The appraiser is just as qualified and just as careful as the staff at GIA or AGS.  The appraiser will have their Graduate Gemologist’s diploma the same way as the appraisers at GIA have.  Also, the appraisal will be verified a second time by your own independent appraiser in your city.  Also, diamonds that don’t have GIA, AGS, or other valid certs are usually quite a bit less as well.  Also, please observe any photos of the diamond.

2.         Please contact the owner of the diamond. Their email will be provided.  Please feel free to ask the clients any additional information about the diamond. If the contact information has the number 800 252 1476 and the name Martin at SellingYourDiamond.Net that simply means that the seller prefers to have myself, Martin Sheffield, President of handle the sale. 

3.        Once you feel that yes, this is the diamond I want and the price is right, then please go to to locate the appraiser in your city closest to you.   Please explain to the appraiser that you are at Martin Sheffield’s site and that the appraiser in the seller’s city will be sending a diamond to you.  The potential buyer should please tell the appraiser in your city that you will be paying them to do an independent appraisal on the loose diamond that they will be receiving.  Please tell the appraiser to go to the appraiser’s section at   Also, please tell the appraiser to call myself, Martin Sheffield, at 800 252 1476 and I will go over the process with them as well.

4.        When the buyer’s appraiser receives the diamond he will receive a letter from the seller’s appraiser that will explain everything in full detail as well.

5.        The seller will then return to the appraiser in their city.  Their appraiser will of course check the diamond to ensure that it is the right one and will send the diamond Fedex insured to the appraiser in your (the buyer’s) city.

6.        Before the seller’s appraiser sends the diamond it is very important to call myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 so that I may prepare an invoice for you. 

Before the appraiser ships the diamond, the buyer will be required to leave a small deposit with .  The amount of the deposit is $100.00USD if the list price  of the diamond is up to $5000, $200.00USD if the list price of the  diamond is up to $10,000USD, $250.00USD if the list price of the diamond is up to $15,000, $300.00USD if the list price of the diamond is up to $20,000.00USD and $400.00USD if the list price is up to $25,000.00  Should the list price be over $25,000.00 then the deposit amount will be prearranged by myself and the seller.  Please contact Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 in order to pay the deposit.  The deposit may be paid by Visa, Mastercard or Amex.  At the time the deposit is made copies of the invoice and buyer-seller agreement will be issued to both buyer and seller.  If the buyer purchases the diamond then the deposit amount will be deducted from the amount that the buyer would have to wire transfer. The whole purpose of the deposit is to show sincerity and genuine interest especially if the seller is going to arrange to have the diamond shipped to any part of the country for the buyer to view.  The potential buyer would be responsible for the return shipping charges in case the diamond is not purchased and the buyer’s appraiser would return the diamond to the seller’s appraiser.  The deposit amount would be used to cover the return shipping and administrative and handling fee for returning the diamond. IGS Inc. would work with the buyer’s appraiser in coordinating the return of the diamond to the seller’s appraiser.  In fact, from my experience very, very few returns will actually take place.  The appraiser, and only the appraiser   will send the diamond Fedex insured to the buyer’s appraiser with all the matching documentation and certificates. No diamonds will be shipped directly from the seller to the buyer.  Diamonds are only shipped from the seller’s appraiser to the buyer’s appraiser and only under the supervision of Martin Sheffield at

7.        Once the diamond is received by your appraiser in your city you (the buyer) would then contact the appraiser in order to set up an appointment to view the diamond. The appraiser will match the diamond with the GIA, AGS or other valid cert.  As well, the appraiser will match the diamond with the appraisal provided by the seller’s appraiser. Please ask the appraiser in your city all the questions necessary so that you feel totally comfortable with your purchase.  You, the buyer, are responsible for paying your appraiser for his services.

8.        Once you (the buyer) have decided to purchase the diamond, you would then call myself, Martin Sheffield, at 800 252 1476 in order to complete the transaction. The appraiser will not release the diamond until such time that the diamond is paid for.  The funds are wire transferred IN TRUST to SellingYourDiamond.Net.  You have a refund period of 7 days from the date that that the funds are received.  Once the funds are received by, I, Martin Sheffield will officially notify your appraiser that the diamond may be released.  I will send your appraiser an official release form that must be signed before the diamond is released.

9.        I would highly recommend that you ask your appraiser for suggestions in regards to a setting  for the diamond.  The appraiser will usually have an excellent goldsmith at hand that he could recommend.   My motto is “keep it within the family”.  In other  words, if the appraiser recommends the goldsmith then the goldsmith should do a great job for you.  As well, once the goldsmith finishes you would want to return the entire ring to the appraiser in order for the appraiser to check the diamond and to supply you with a final appraisal for the insurance.  Please take special note that once the diamond is set it can’t be returned.

10. The whole process for the buyer is as simple as that.  You’ve basically bought an absolutely gorgeous diamond, fully checked, certed and appraised at a price lower than on any diamond internet service.  I’d say that’s pretty darn good!!!!

11. If you have any additional questions or are unsure of anything please call myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 or

12. If both buyer and seller decide to do everything on their own, then there is no commission charge to either buyer or seller and I am not involved managing, supervising and overseeing the sale.  In that case make sure that both the buyer and the seller reads this website carefully so that you understand fully the methods of this website.  Please call myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 with any questions.  Thank you.