I, Martin Sheffield, have had a passion for FINE quality Swiss  watches for the past 40 years.  I am a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America and currently have a revolutionary, exciting website that allows clients to sell loose diamonds and items of jewelry for very fair prices in an extremely dignified and professional manner.  Please visit to view the site.  Now I am extending the service to include fine  watches as well.  If you want to sell your fine Swiss timepiece  for a very fair price and in a totally safe way then this is the site for you.  I have a separate section for Rolex watches.  I will work very closely with you to accurately list your fine quality Swiss made  watch and will carefully research the price that you should be getting.  I will accurately and fairly place your ad in and it will remain in till your fine quality timepiece is sold.  The fine quality timepiece will be appraised by an appraiser in your city that you may chose from and the appraiser only will ship to the bona fide certified appraiser in the city where your potential buyer would be located.   The buyer would view the diamond at the appraiser in his/her city and if everything’s OK would then pay for the fine quality timepiece  and wire transfer the funds IN TRUST  to   The idea behind the success of this method is the fact that you are selling the watch for perhaps 5 to 20% less than the fine quality  internet timepiece dealers are.  That’s what draws the large amount of visitors to this site.  It’s a combination of the careful thought of  the listings, the honesty and integrity of the listings,  the very fair prices, and the dedicated service given to each client who has their Rolex listed.  The listings have some extremely rare fine quality Swiss made precision timepieces.   The cost for listing your watch  is $125/ad and the ad would stay on indefinitely till the item is sold.  At the time of the sale there would be a 5%commission due to IGS Inc. for the price that the watch is sold for. If your fine quality watch is sold on your own without my involvement and assistance, then there is no commission due and you are simply paying for the ad.  The ad allows for up to 5 photo images, 3 documents, and 3 appraisals.    To gain a feel for how the process works you should go through the diamond section and just substitute the word ‘diamond or loose diamond’  for ‘fine quality watch’. The unique setup of this website and the way it works will ensure that the item is genuine and working.   The fine quality Swiss timepiece that you are trying to sell  will pass through the hands of two independent certified appraisers before it actually gets to the buyer.  You have a full 7 day return period as well.   Please go through the rest of the site and substitute the word ‘diamond’ for ‘fine quality Swiss made timepiece’, and everything will make total sense. Please enjoy viewing the listings of  fine quality Swiss made watches.  Also, be sure to view the listings for Rolex watches as well. I, Martin Sheffield, will be glad to assist you in determining what the proper asking price should be in the ad.  I am very much looking forward to receiving your ad placement for your fine quality timepiece.