If you have a ring or a necklace or any item of jewelry with colored stones and diamonds this site will also assist you to sell the items at the highest price possible and in the most professional and dignified  manner possible.  Exactly the same techniques are used, the same buyer-seller-appraiser relationship exists……..virtually nothing changes except for the fact that the seller would present the whole item of jewelry to the appraisal for a current appraisal, whereas before the client who had a diamond solitaire ring would have been advised to have the centre diamond removed.  With items of jewelry where the one diamond is not the focal point of the item, then you leave the item totally intact.  All items of jewelry apply…..necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings etc.etc.  Should your require any assistance with any of your items of jewelry please call myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 or email to 

          With items of jewelry the photos you send on a jpeg will be of paramount importance.  It might pay to pay the appraiser extra to take exceptionally beautiful photographs of the items of jewelry in order that the true beauty can be appreciated by the potential buyer.  Very detailed appraisals would help as well. 

          Please go to the listing section of colored stone and diamond jewellery items to see the wonderful selection at truly great savings.  As I mentioned, exactly the same principles apply to actual items of jewelry as they would to loose diamonds.  In fact, if you want to sell or purchase an item of jewelry you could basically substitute the word ‘item of jewelry’ instead of the word ‘diamond’ or ‘loose diamond’.   Exactly the same principles and procedural guidelines dealing with the buyer’s and seller’s appraisers apply. For help with your items of jewelry please call myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 or