That is totally fine.  Your ad will be placed the normal way with all photos, reports, appraisals, descriptions, comments etc., etc., However, since there is no commission involved you are handling everything yourself without my assistance. However, I’ll still be more than pleased to help out with pleasure within reason. A stand alone ad has a maximum exposure time of one year from the date it is placed and can be renewed thereafter for $125.00/year.  Rates subject to change. Also, please indicate on the fill in chart at the time you place the ad if it is to be a stand alone ad or an ad with commission payable once the diamond is sold.  If you do decide to try it on your own and find it too difficult you can always switch back to the commission structured ad with my full assistance.  If you do go this method and attempt to do the sale on your own I recommend that you follow the principles and guidelines on the site and please read the entire web site in its entirety and comprehend everything fully as per the proper method of performing the sale.  SellingYourDiamond.net is not liable and takes no responsibility for any losses or damages that may occur.   If you feel you can handle everything on your own, then your more than welcome to go ahead…….but please read the website fully.  Also be aware that you have to explain to your purchaser how the transaction should take place according to the terms of this web site.  Make sure that the appraiser in the buyer’s city does not release the diamond till you personally tell him to do so and send him an official email.  Perhaps you could use a security password that you give the buyer’s appraiser so he knows he’s just talking with you ‘the seller’ and no one else. Whatever method you use………Good Luck.