So you’ve had your Rolex watch for many years and now you’ve decided that you want to turn that watch into cash.  Up to now, you’re only ways to sell the Rolex were the following:

1.     Sell it privately in your local area with a limited exposure and risk meeting strangers you don’t know.

2.     Selling the watch to a jeweler or watch dealer and obtaining approximately 10% of the value.

3.     Selling at the auctions and maybe, if you’re lucky, obtaining up to 20% of the value.  

     Now you have a safe, dignified and respectable way to sell your cherished Rolex at a fair price for you and your client.  There are many sites that offer vintage Rolex watches for sale.  You would be offering your client approx. 10-15% lower than what the vintage sites are offering  in order to create the incentive for your customer to purchase from you

 as opposed to purchasing from the vintage Rolex internet site.  Not only should you do the research on what your Rolex is worth,  but I, Martin Sheffield, an avid life time Rolex watch collector, will also do the research on your watch to ensure that you receive a fair price and that the buyer receives a fair price.     

     Once you’ve established your asking price the next step would be to determine if the watch needs servicing as it is definitely mandatory to ensure the watch is in excellent running condition.  If the watch has a production date of approx. 1960 or later then you could take it to your authorized Rolex repair center or directly to the Rolex Watch Co. if there is one in your city.  Otherwise, regardless of production year take the watch into a certified watch repair centre that is fully authorized to repair and service Rolex watches.  While submitting your watch for cleaning and servicing kindly ask the watch repair person if they could take a few photos of the interior movement as well as the exterior.  These photos would be extremely desirable and helpful when placing your ad with After the watch has been serviced please keep all service records as they will become important when placing the ad as well as serve as important documents to submit to the new owner.  Also, try and locate any links that may have been removed when you had first purchased the watch. Remember, to keep all warrantee documents on your recently serviced Rolex watch.

     Once your Rolex watch has been serviced, the next step is to locate a certified appraiser in your city in order to have the watch officially appraised.  There is a complete listing of all the appraisers at  The appraiser will produce a detailed appraisal of the watch along with photos.  Please explain to the appraiser that you will be trying to sell the Rolex watch according to the standards set by and if your appraiser is not already familiar with the site refer them to the appraiser note sections on the site.  As well, you can instruct myself, Martin Sheffield, to call the appraiser and I will be more than pleased to explain to the appraiser in your city exactly how the entire procedure works.

     OK,….so now you have your Rolex serviced and appraised.  The next step is to go to the section entitled ….Submit Your Rolex Watch Ad.. and submitting all the details in order to have your Rolex watch ad listed on the site. You would download all the service and appraisal documents and photos when placing the ad.  The ad does not get placed immediately but is looked over and checked over by myself, Martin Sheffield.  Within 48 hours your ad should be up and running and will be exposed throughout the US and Canada.  You may have your clients either call you, or email you……that’s entirely up to you according to your instructions when you place the ad and according to the info that you submit.  The fee that you would submit for having the ad placed is $125.00USD. 

     Hopefully, it shouldn’t take too long to find a very interested buyer.  Once you have your buyer you would then have the buyer set up an appointment with his/her local bonafide certified appraiser in his/her city.  You would have the potential buyer refer to  in order to help him/her locate a bonafide certified appraiser in his/her city. You would then return with your Rolex watch to your local  appraiser who originally appraised the watch and the appraiser would then send the watch to the client’s appraiser.  Your appraiser can contact me should he/she have any questions regarding shipping, insurance,etc. etc.  You, the seller would be required to cover the cost of the shipping and insurance to the potential buyer’s appraiser.  The buyer would be responsible for the return shipping charges  should your Rolex be returned to your original appraiser.  This is very unlikely to happen though. If there are any questions that your appraiser has in the process, or that you may have, please feel free to call myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 or 

     The jewelry appraisers that have been specially noted in  are very respected and highly qualified appraisers with many degrees and if one appraiser forwards your Rolex to another appraiser there is very little risk involved.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT AT NO POINT IN TIME DO YOU EVER SEND YOUR ROLEX DIRECTLY TO THE CLIENT.  THE ROLEX WATCH IS ONLY TO BE SENT FULLY INSURED FROM THE SELLER’S APPRAISER TO THE BUYER’S APPRAISER.  In the rare instance that the potential buyer does not buy your Rolex  watch and it is to be returned  then it would only be the potential buyer’s appraiser that wouldbe returning the watch to your appraiser.  You would then    pick up the watch directly from your appraiser. 

          Before the seller’s appraiser sends Your Rolex watch to    the buyer’s appraiser the sale must be registered with IGS Inc.

At the time the transaction is officially registered IGS Inc. will take a $200.00USD deposit from the buyer.  That amount would be deducted from the final amount that the buyer would be paying for the watch.  The reason for the $200.00USD deposit is that would cover the cost of return shipping and insurance should the watch be returned to your (the seller’s) appraiser.

     Please remember that IGS Inc.,  and and Martin Sheffield are not responsible for any loss or damage however caused during the entire procedure.  If all the sales guidance and rules as set forth in this site are strictly adhered to then everything should run smoothly as I’ve been successfully using this technique  since approx. 1990 and it works!!!

     Your appraiser will forward the watch along with all the original documents to the potential buyer’s appraiser.  The buyer’s appraiser would be contacted by both yourself and myself to ensure that he/she understands that the watch is not to be released to the buyer until such time that the funds are received by the buyer.  The funds would be sent ‘in trust’ by wire transfer to IGS Inc.  IGS Inc. would then forward payment to the seller within a few days.  Once the funds are received by IGS Inc.,  then myself, Martin Sheffield, would send a release form to the appraiser allowing the appraiser to release the watch.  As well, I would personally call the appraiser to inform him/her that the Rolex watch has been fully paid for and may be released to the buyer.  Once the transaction is completed IGS Inc.  will charge a 5% commission on the selling price.  You, the seller will receive the selling price  less 5% commission.  The sale procedure will be monitored by IGS Inc. , and and Martin Sheffield. 

     Now that you know the procedure and how everything is handled you may arrange everything entirely on your own without any help from myself, Martin Sheffield.  If that’s the case you would just be paying the $125.00USD fee for placing the ad and there would be no commission due. If you do everything on your own then the transaction is not registered with IGS Inc. and there is no monitoring. IGS Inc. would not be collecting the $200.00 deposit from the client that would cover you for shipping charges in  case the watch is returned to your appraiser. The client would pay you directly and you, the seller, would handle everything.  I, Martin Sheffield, as well as would not be responsible for any losses or damages that may be incurred however caused. However, if you follow all the rules then it is very unlikely that anything will go wrong. 

     If you chose to have IGS Inc. monitor the sale all the way through and provide guidance every step of the way, then there would be the 5% commission.  This takes a lot of the ‘headaches’ and ‘pressures’ off of you.  It’s your choice.

     Also, it is very important to let IGS Inc. know once your Rolex has been sold in order that the ad may then be removed from the site.  Thanks for your cooperation and, again, please feel free to call Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 or with any questions that you may have.  

Please note that IGS Inc., and are not authorized Rolex agents and are not in any way whatsoever related to the Rolex Watch Co.  IGS Inc., SellingYourDiamond.Net and Martin Sheffield are not responsible for any damages that may occur however caused while advertising in this site.