………if you’re trying to sell  a gent’s fine item of jewelry………….

     Today it is very difficult to sell your gent’s fine quality jewelry, such as a heavy weight gold bracelet or a heavy weight fancy chain and pendant, or a blue sapphire and gold ring etc. etc.   Finally here is a site dedicated to selling your gent’s fine item of jewelry  for the highest possible price that benefits both you, the seller, as well as the buyer.  No dealers are allowed to have any listings on this site.  This site is only for private individuals who would like to sell their fine item of gent’s jewelry for whatever reason. 

     If you  have inherited a fine gent’s jewelry item  that you want to sell then your available options for obtaining a relatively high return on the jewelry item were very limited………..until this phenomenal website came about. Previously,  you could go to a jewelry retailer who may pay you 10% of the replacement value and then sell the same item at a huge markup.  You benefit very little and the retail jeweller stands to make a huge markup.  Or, you can go to the auctions and pay high commission fees and if you’re lucky perhaps get around 20% of the replacement value.  Or, you can put a classified in your local paper only to have potential clients offer you ridiculously low prices.  Having people come to your home can be a real worry in itself.  Until now these are just about your only options.

          Now, this site guides you step by step how to properly sell your gent’s item of fine jewelry  at the highest possible price that benefits both you and the buyer to the maximum.  The method is extremely professional and results in you and your client being totally satisfied.  Astute gent’s jewelry  shoppers today can use the internet to purchase fine quality gent’s jewelry items  at wholesale + approx. 10% to 40% (internet dealer’s markup).  For gent’s items of jewelry the supply is limited and therefore higher prices are in effect. Therefore there is a specific niche where you are selling lower than the internet to the extent that it makes it worth the buyer’s time and effort to buy from you.  What you aim to do is sell at a little higher than wholesale, at wholesale or a little lower(depending upon how quickly you want to sell the item).  If a buyer were to purchase a gent’s fine quality item of jewelry on a wholesale gent’s jewelry site the buyer would be paying wholesale + the internet company’s profit of 5 to 40%.   At this site the buyer is paying strictly wholesale or a little higher  and you, the seller benefits since you are receiving the same amount that the internet supplier would be paid by the retailer who in turn sells to the end user consumer.   This would make it worth  while for both yourself and the buyer.  If you want to trade-in a fine quality item of gent’s jewelry as an upgrade it might make more sense to sell your fine quality gent’s jewelry item for the maximum price possible within the guidelines set forth in this site and then to apply the funds towards the purchase of a gent’s fine quality jewelry item that you’ve tracked down on the internet or one that you even see listed on this site!!!.  When retailers offer you trade-ins for upgrades they benefit….not you.  They’ll resell your fine quality gent’s  jewelry item at high markups offering you little for them. Please follow the steps as outlined below.  Everything is explained in full detail so that the entire procedure makes total sense.

     The whole procedure is totally safe since you are working through a web of professional, accredited, highly recognized, certified appraisers.  At no point during the procedure do you have to Fedex an item of jewelry directly to a client.  That is too risky and nerve wracking.  If you want to sell your gent’s fine quality item of jewelry then you have the bona fide appraiser verify and appraise your fine quality gent’s item of jewelry,   and then supply you with an appraisal.  Once you’ve located a client who wants to purchase the fine quality gent’s jewelry item, then you then have your appraiser send the item along with the appraisal  to the client’s (buyer’s)  appraiser.  The client’s appraiser (buyer’s appraiser) will then verify the report on behalf of the client to ensure that it is correct and correctly identifies and values the item.  The buyer will set up an appointment with the appraiser to view the diamond.  The buyer will then wire transfer the funds made payable to IN TRUST.  Once the funds are received In Trust, then will notify the buyer’s appraisal that the item has been paid for and may be released to the buyer.  The buyer’s appraiser will receive a Jewelry Release form authorizing the appraiser to release the item of jewelry to the buyer.   There is a ‘Diamond Release Form’  that the seller will fill out and send to the appraiser as well.  At the same time the seller notifies the buyer’s appraiser, the seller will use a special password that he/she will have prearranged with the buyer’s appraiser.  This will totally ensure that only the seller and, myself, Martin Sheffield from … are officially notifying the appraiser that the diamond has been fully paid for.     

Step # 1

            For your fine quality gent’s item of jewelry  get together all existing documentation such as any former appraisals  and matching certificates (GIA, AGS, EGL) that you may have for the diamonds or colored stones that may be in the item. Please visit and scroll down to your state or province for recommended appraisers in your area.  Only deal with those appraisers that have a profile description.  These are appraisers that I know and can intervene if necessary so that they will comply with the procedures as outlined in  The appraisers on this site are carefully chosen and are top in their fields.  Have them perform an appraisal on the entire gent’s jewelry item. Larger stones comprising the item should be analyzed in detail.  On larger diamonds, the appraiser should specify the shape,  measurements, weight, dimensions, clarity, color, cut and other items under ‘comments’. 

         Set up an appointment with the appraiser to have the gent’s fine quality jewelry item fully appraised. Most appraisers allow you to watch the appraisal process.  Explain to the appraiser that you wish to sell the gent’s fine quality item of jewelry and that this appraisal is part of the procedure as specified on   The appraiser would then submit to you his appraisal along with any photos and additional reports.  Please tell the appraiser that the ring is being advertised for sale on and that the appraiser should keep a copy of the appraisal as well as photocopies of the GIA or AGS or EGL reports as well for any diamonds or colored stones that may comprise the item. The appraiser should also keep any files  of photos and other reports such as sarin reports on hand as well.   Also, if the appraiser can also email you all reports and photos in addition to giving you the originals this would be very helpful.  These emailed images can be filed on your computer and then emailed to for uploading  to  The ‘Submit your Gent’s Fine Quality Item of Jewelry’ will explain step by step the exact procedure for uploading your ad.       When at your chosen appraiser it is crucial to arrange a special password that ONLY YOU AND THE APPRAISER know.  You will give this password out to no one.  Once the gent’s fine quality item of jewelry is paid for and you receive the funds you will notify the buyer’s appraiser in his city and the appraiser will ask you for the password to ensure 100% that he is talking to the right person.  Should the appraiser not be familiar with this site it is very important that he reads the ‘Appraisers’  section so that the appraiser fully understands the procedure.  Any appraiser or client is welcome to call myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 for further clarification.

 Step # 2

          Determine the price that you feel would be appropriate for your gent’s fine quality item of jewelry.   The best way to determine price is for myself, Martin Sheffield, to send you a list of very, very similar items.  You may also  go to different internet companies that sell gent’s quality fine items of jewelry  and find a comparison item that matches in terms of the number and weight of diamonds as well as the clarity, color, cut grade.     You may also go to and use that diamond calculator to determine what the internet price would be and from the price given to you by the calculator then deduct approx. 10 to 20%.    One excellent site for you to go to is   This site has every quality of diamond listed to make it easy for you to obtain prices.  Again, once you have the price you would then deduct 10% to 20%.  Also,  the type of cert that you have is important.  If your diamond has a GIA cert then you can ask substantially more for the diamond than if it had an EGLISRAEL cert.  Whatever the pricescope price is simply deduct 10 to 20%  to arrive at the price you should be asking.   You may use a few of the above methods to arrive at a price and all your methods should be pretty well in agreement.  At the appraiser’s place you may ask him to give you the price that he feels you should be asking for the gent’s fine quality item of jewelryl  If you place an ad for your fine quality gent’s jewelry item on  then please feel free to receive a complimentary quote on what I feel should be your correct approximate price that you sell the jewelry item for.  It’s this 10% to 20% that you take off that is giving the buyer the incentive to buy from you as opposed to going to a diamond internet site directly!!!

          Based on your research the price you ask is ultimately your decision.  Your customer will be doing their reseach at the same time and has a very good idea as to what he should be paying for the item.   Clients who place their ads on this site may call myself, Martin Sheffield, for a complimentary consultation and certainly feel free to ask my opinion in regards to the price that you should be asking.

 Step # 3

   The next step is to have the fine quality gent’s item of jewelry  listed for sale on    Simply email all the details of the gent’s jewelry item  when you go to the section titled ‘Submit Your Ad for gent’s fine jewelry items. Your last name and address will not be revealed to potential customers.  The following information will be revealed to potential clients:  Your first name,  your state or province,  your telephone number (optional),  and your email.    You will be required to submit the following information:  any photos of the items, appraisals, reports as well as any other documentation. Please add any comments and descriptions that you would like to have appear in the ad.  Please send all photos of the diamonds and copies of certificates and reports directly on the ‘Submit Your Ad for Gent’s fine quality items of jewelry.    One document should be the appraisal as given to you by the independent appraiser that you’ve seen from  The other document should be the copy of the lab report of the diamond such as the GIA report, the AGS report, the EGL report or whatever other reports that  you may have that may pertain to any significant diamond or  colored stone on the item.   Lastly, you can submit up to 3 photos. 

          Using the ‘Submit your ad section’ for gent’s fine jewelry items you simply follow all the uploading instructions directly from the web page. Please email all the descriptions, certificates and photos in order that  all the information may  be uploaded to the classified section of   Before any listing is posted it is reviewed to ensure that the proper procedures are done.  Once your gent’s fine quality item of jewelry  is listed then hopefully you will be receiving either calls or emails and you would deal directly with your clients.  Once you finish reading this entire section you will know what to say and how to efficiently and professionally serve your customer’s requirements.  The ad will remain up until such time that the fine quality gent’s item of jewelry is sold.  Please notify that the diamond has been sold. reserves the right to terminate any ads at any time.   The normal  fee is  $125/item.  Certain items may have higher fees.  http://www.selling your  reserves the right to charge more for certain very complicated items of extremely high value.  However, I expect the fee to be around $125. 00 in most instances.  This fee may be made by secure credit card payment over the phone  at 1 800 252 1476 or by our encrypted secure site at the ‘Submit Your Ad’ section.   These instructions will be further detailed in the ‘Submit Your Ad’  section.  This fee includes the set up and layout of your ad as well.

          Please note that this site will be very heavily promoted on the following websites and should attract many people in the market for buying gent’s fine jewelry:,

most of the appraisers’ websites on

 Currently, the ad will stay up indefinitely till your diamond is sold or till whenever you decide that you want to terminate the ad. 

   Should you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to call myself, Martin Sheffield President of , a division of IGS Inc. at 800 252 1476 or you may email me at  IGS Inc. will carefully explain the complete procedure to you so that the sale may be made virtually without assistance.   However, for clients who have paid for their ad I am here to assist to make the process as smooth as possible.  For sales involving spending considerably more time extra charges may apply.  Please understand that IGS Inc.  will not be liable for any losses or damages that may occur by following the advice of this site.   If you follow the guidelines very carefully everything should run smoothly and you should not only receive a fair payment for your diamond but you should be making your customer very happy as well.  However, IGS Inc. accepts absolutely no responsibility for any losses or damages that may occur.  Should you need helpful advice along the way please email me at

          Once you get a call from a genuinely interested buyer the protocol would be to return the gent’s fine quality item of jewelry to the appraiser in your city and let the appraiser in your city send it to the buyer's appraiser (in the buyer's city).  Never send the gent’s fine quality item of jewelry directly to an interested party……it must always be sent by the seller’s appraiser directly to the buyer’s appraiser whose name must also be on the list of appraisers from the website   It is acceptable to send the item of jewelry to an appraiser on the list at  It should be one of the denoted appraisers on   Since these appraisers are truly bona fide, and truly professional you should feel very good about sending the gent’s fine quality jewelry item to them.  Once you reach that point please call myself, Martin Sheffield, and I will send you an email with all the proper instructions on how to properly send the parcel and to have it insured as well.  You would only send the gent’s fine quality jewelry item  to the appraiser in the buyer’s city if they basically said ‘yes’ they would purchase the diamond if it matches the GIA or AGS cert etc. etc.   The buyer would then set up an appointment at the appraiser.  You would contact the appraiser ahead of time to let them know that this buyer would be contacting them for an appointment and that the appraiser cannot release the diamond unless the seller is paid.  You tell the appraiser that you will email them a release form stating that you have been paid and you will also call the appraiser to notify him/her that you have been paid.  Be sure to have set up a password with the appraiser so that the appraiser knows for certain that when you speak to him/her that you are the true seller.   In the unlikely event that the gent’s fine quality jewelry item is not sold at the appraisers then it should be returned fully insured to the seller’ appraiser.  Only the buyer’s appraiser is allowed to send the diamond back to the seller’s appraiser . Remember the basic rule that shipments are only to be made from one appraiser to another.  Please refer to the special ‘shipping instructions’ section where it is fully explained how to obtain the proper insurance coverage for the parcel as well.  Currently, detailed return instructions are to be found ‘here’.   

The next step would be to supply the buyer with all the wire account information so that the funds may be held IN Trust at …  Once the funds are received by IGS Inc., then …SellingYour will officially notify the appraiser where the item of jewelry is, that the funds have been paid and the appraiser is then free to release the item to the buyer’s appraiser. IGS Inc. will still be holding the funds in trust for the seller and after the 7 day refund period expires, will then send out a current account check to the seller less commission fees. 

          If you decide to sell the item entirely on your own without involving myself, Martin Sheffield, then the funds would be wired directly to your account and there would be no commission.             

 The last step would be to supply the buyer with your bank wire transfer information.  That information would include your bank name, address, phone number,  account

#,  and  ABA # in order that they can direct the appropriate funds to your account.  Once you have received the funds for your diamond you would send a sample release form letter to the appraiser giving them permission to release the diamond to the seller.  You would also personally phone up the appraiser and verbally give him permission to release the diamond to the client.  Also, the appraiser will ask for your password in order to make sure that he is hearing from you, the seller, that the diamond has been paid for.  That’s it………..the sales been made …….professionally………and you received a great price for the gent’s item of jewelry.  You, the seller, should be very pleased and the buyer should be very pleased as well.

          Also, it is very important when shipping the gent’s item of jewelry  to make sure that it is fully insured and to use Fedex as your courier.  You should read and understand the section entitled, “Safely shipping the diamond to the appraiser”.  If the diamond is not sold at the appraisers and has to be returned, there is a whole section on “having the diamond returned to you by the appraiser.”

          Although I mention it many times, please make sure that the appraiser fully understands that your client has not as yet paid for the diamond and that, under no circumstance, can the appraiser release the diamond to the client until such time that you have both verbally communicated over the phone with the appraiser and have given the appraiser permission.  Also, the appraiser will know the special security password that you establish and the appraiser will specifically ask for that password.  It is imperative that the appraiser reads and fully understands this section of the site.  If there are any concerns please call myself, Martin Sheffield, and I will personally call the appraiser. As well, the appraiser cannot release the diamond until such time that he/she has received the “Diamond Release form” stating that the purchaser has paid you in full and that it is OK to release the diamond. 

           This whole concept and method of selling and purchasing fine quality gent’s items of jewelry  is truly the most professional and respected way and benefits both the buyer and seller to the max.  However, all instructions have to be properly followed and if you are unsure of anything please don’t hesitate to or call 800 252 1476. 

          IGS Inc.   will not be liable for any damages or liabilities whatsoever or however caused by following any or all of the contents and advice on this site.  Listing your item of jewelry on this site does not guarantee that it will be sold and the amount that the diamond is sold for is strictly between you and the buyer.  This site is simply giving you the background structure of a system that has successfully worked connecting buyers and sellers for approx. 20 years at   You are following the same basic formula or structure on this site however as a buyer you should be obtaining even better prices since the gent’s fine quality items of jewelry are being sold by the seller. 

           This is what you call an all round ‘win,,,win’ situation for both buyer and seller.    Why not take advantage of the excellent team of bona fide appraisers throughout the USA and Canada  that have undergone years of training and maintain impeccably high standards??

       Please do not hesitate to go to the ‘Submit your ad section for gent’s fine jewelry.’   You will hopefully have a great venue to sell your fine quality gent’s item of jewelry to a fine buyer at a very fair price………..and that buyer may be anywhere in North America…..or even overseas!!!!!!!!!