I will be more than pleased to try and help you find a suitable price to list your diamond  on  Just mailto:diamonds@usacerteddiamonds.coma detailed description of your diamond and I will forward you back what I believe to be a fair price for the diamond.  You can also arrive at a fair price by finding a very similar diamond on other diamond internet sites and then deducting from 5 to 20% in order to create the type of market that will lead to the sale of your diamond. You may want to obtain a few prices and then average them out to arrive at your asking price.  The more you lean toward the 20% off then the quicker the diamond should sell.  Conversely, the less of a discount the longer it may take. You may want to offer less of a discount if the diamond has truly unique outstanding qualities to it.   Of course, when the diamond is listed please be sure to note these outstanding qualities.   You may also go to   to arrive at a diamond internet asking price.  From the price you receive at the above mentioned diamond calculator site you would then take off an additional 5 to 20% as your listing price.  Whether you want to go down further with your client is entirely at your discretion. 

        Please remember the final price that you ask for the diamond is your decision. The advice given on this site is to act as guidelines.  The price that you ultimately sell the diamond to your customer is your decision.  Please remember that 5% commission is due and payable to at the completion of the sale. 

If you should decide that you would like to have your diamond sold without personally participating in the sale and by having the contact information as myself, Martin Sheffield, with the ‘SellingYourDiamond.Net’ phone number listed on the ad 800 252 1476 as well as the ‘SellingYourDiamond.Net’ email listed:, I will be more than pleased to look after all enquiries into the sale of your diamond so that you, the seller, do not have to get personally involved.  Should you wish to leave all the sale’s work to myself, Martin Sheffield  that is fine, however, instead of the normal 5% commission, the commission rate would be 10%.  By doing it this way, you avoid all contact with the public totally.

        If both buyer and seller decide to do everything on their own, then there is no commission charge to either buyer or seller and I am not involved managing, supervising and overseeing the sale.  In that case make sure that both the buyer and the seller reads this website carefully so that you understand fully the methods of this website. I will still be glad to answer basic questions regarding  the proper site procedures….and this would be totally complimentary. Should the buyer decide to receive full assistance, guidance, and monitoring  from myself, Martin Sheffield, then there would be 5% commission added on to the price of the diamond that the purchaser would be responsible for paying.  Likewise, if the seller should decide to go ahead with the assistance, guidance and monitoring, then 5% commission would be deducted from the amount owing to the seller. Please call myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 with any further questions. Usually the seller is the party that needs the assistance, guidance and monitoring more so than the buyer or purchaser.   Thank you

        Looking forward to hearing from you in regards to helping you price your diamond. 


Martin Sheffield

800 252 1476