Please follow the following steps carefully in order to have your diamond listed.

  1. Before you go to the link for the online form you will need to gather as many of the following as possible in electronic format: GIA or AGS Certificate, Appraisal Report, and pictures of your diamond. Documents can be jpg, gif, or pdf format. Images can be jpg or gif format.

  2. Please obtain an appraisal report from an accredited bonafide appraiser that is listed on The appraisal must state that the diamond matches the GIA or AGS report. The appraiser should be designated as a member of In case you find a qualified diamond appraiser not listed on please call me with the appraiser information so that I may check and verify the appraiser before proceeding. HINT: It is highly recommended to have the diamond removed by a reputable jeweler before getting an appraisal. Ask the accredited bona fide appraiser in your city who he/she would recommend to remove the diamond. HINT: Most appraisers can take professional photos for you at the time of the appraisal.

  3. Next you will need to do some research on pricing  what you feel would be a fair asking price.  Before listing the diamond I will also check the price and let you know if I feel it is in any way out of line.

  4. Once you have the above items you can click on the side link 'Submit Your Diamond Ad'

  5. Fill out your personal information and indicate what fields you would like to be visible to the public. If the box is left unchecked it will not be visible to the public. All fields must be filled out for administration purposes.

  6. The next section of the form covers the details of the diamond and these can be found on your GIA, AGS certificate, as well as your Appraisal Report. This information will be used when potential buyers are looking for a particular diamond in our database.

  7. Fill out your researched 'Asking Price'

  8. Fill out the 'Description' box with a summary of your diamond. If your not sure what to write leave it blank and I will add something after looking at the diamond certificates.

  9. Click on the 'browse' buttons one at at time. This will open a window to access your hardrive where you have stored all your electronic Certificates, Reports and Images pertaining to the diamond. Once you have selected the document or image off your harddrive click the 'open' button to add it to the form. Repeat this process for each one of your Certificates, Reports and Images you have. You may post up to 5 images, 3 certifcates, and 3 reports.

  10. Lastly, fill out you credit card information. All fields MUST be filled out. Your credit card will be charged a one time fee of $125.00 USD for the listing. The listing stays in until the diamond is sold. Also, by listing you will automatically have the diamond listed in Polygon for the absolute maximum exposure to every retailer and wholesaler in North America. For the listing to be on Polygon the price has to be 'just right' and I will personally help you adjust the price to the right level. The listing for Polygon is free for 30 Days and to relist for an additional month would be $50/month. There is a 5% commision fee for any diamonds sold. We use a secure Socket Layer so you credit card information is encrypted for security purposes.

  11. Click the 'complete your purchase' button. You will receive an email acknowledgement shortly. You Ad will be posted within the next few days. Each Ad is given a specific file number for easy reference.

All diamonds will be listed according to the Shape and Carat Weight making it very easy for potential buyers to access.

Please remember to feel free to call 800 252 1476 or with any questions or assistance that you may require while your diamond is listed. 

  If you do not have a GIA or AGS or other valid report then simply have the diamond appraised loose at the local accredited bona fide appraiser from  The diamond should be loose to ensure accuracy in grading.  Your ad will state that there is no AGS or GIA cert, however, it will state in the ad that you have had the accredited appraiser carefully grade the diamond.  The purchaser will also have the appraisal checked by his local bona fide appraiser as chosen from the appraisers at

As you can see, I, Martin Sheffield  am very actively involved in this process and am very sincere about protecting the buyer and seller from anything going wrong.  I am available at 800 252 1476 or anytime for any questions.  At  the same time, I feel that I am promoting a great service that is certainly beneficial to both the buyer and seller.  I am one of the first persons in the diamond industry to look at the dark almost ‘negative’  side of privately selling a diamond and am trying to turn it into a positive and rewarding experience for both buyer and seller.  Most of the appraisers in the US know me quite well as at one time or another I have had diamonds sent to them in order to be verified for clients.  The only real difference here is that the diamond is not coming from the diamond supplier but coming from the seller’s appraiser………truly,  that’s the only difference.  I am supplying an amazing site to list your diamond with superior exposure to the right clientele. And, most important, I am at the helm making sure that everything runs smoothly.  Remember, all procedures must be followed and that I am here for any guidance and questions and you should find the experience of selling your diamond very rewarding.

If you choose to have myself, Martin Sheffield, completely look after the sale, from beginning to end, and you are using our email address: and directing the clients to myself, Martin Sheffield, then the 10% commission rate applies + the $125.00USD initial ad placement fee. If you prefer to use this site to place your ad and then to look after everything yourself, then the fee is only the $125.00USD for the ad placement and there is no commission. The 5% commission applies when I assist in the sale and guide you along but do not totally take over and look after everything.

If both buyer and seller decide to do everything on their own, then there is no commission charge to either buyer or seller and I am not involved managing, supervising and overseeing the sale.  In that case make sure that both the buyer and the seller reads this website carefully so that you understand fully the methods of this website.  Please call myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 with any questions. Thank you.