Some individuals for one reason or another, usually financial, are put in a situation where they must sell their fine quality watch or pocket watch.  Finally here is a site where you can purchase and continue on the tradition of proudly wearing a fine quality Swiss made timepiece when one individual decides to sell his/her endearing high quality precision watch to another person. It’s true that you can purchase a fine quality vintage or modern timepiece from numerous online dealers.  The prices for the watches that you see on this site should be approximately 10 to 20% lower than what you could obtain the same model from an online internet watch retailer’s site.  There are certain recommended rules the seller is highly encouraged to follow.  Before being listed on the site the seller is instructed to thoroughly clean and service the fine quality timepiece by a certified watchmaker proficient in servicing high grade Swiss made fine quality watches and pocket watches.  All service warrantees and accompanying papers are documented with the watch.  The authenticity   of the watch is established by a bona fide certified appraiser in the seller’s city as well as by a similarly qualified appraiser in the buyer’s city.  There is a totally complete listing that tells you the complete history of the watch as well as a detailed description of the condition of the fine quality watch or pocketwatch. Before any listing is entered onto the site I totally review the listing to make sure that it is fair and the price is right.  There is never any shipment of the watch to you the buyer from the seller.  As the purchaser of the fine quality watch or pocket watch you would set up an appointment with the certified bona fide appraiser in your city.  You can find most of the appraisers listed on    Should the seller list the watch and have it registered with our monitoring service, then I, Martin Sheffield, would monitor the entire sale to ensure that everything runs totally smoothly.  You would be required to pay $150 deposit on a watch before it is sent to your appraiser.  The $150 deposit would be deducted from the price at the time that you wire transfer the fees in trust to IGS Inc.,   IGS Inc., would then forward the balance of the proceeds to the seller. The fee for the ad placement is $125.00USD. IGS Inc., charges a 5% commission for monitoring and tracking the sale to completion.  The 5% is being paid by the seller and is deducted from the amount the buyer wires to IGS Inc., Listings may also be done as non-commission ‘listings only’ with the seller aware of and encouraged to follow the guidelines and principles as set forth in this website however the seller can conduct himself however he desires and the sale is not monitored in any way. If you decide to do the sale on your own it is highly recommended that you please follow the guidelines as set forth in this site.   The buyer however should read all the sections of the site to make  him/herself  thoroughly familiar with all the rules and insist that the seller, if not registered in the monitor and tracking program, still follow and adhere to all the rules and guidelines as set forth in this site.  If the seller decides to do it on his own and follows the guidelines then everything should be just fine. Both buyers and sellers should be familiar with all the guidelines as set forth in this site.  All sellers are encouraged to register their watches in the monitoring and tracking program. When the seller is registered in the monitoring and tracking program the seller then must adhere to all the rules and the sale is totally tracked and followed by myself, Martin Sheffield.  All fine quality watch and pocket watch listings however are carefully scrutinized and all fine quality watches and pocket watches  are listed with the utmost of care and caution.

IGS Inc., and, and Martin Sheffield,  are not liable for any damages or losses whatsoever no matter what the cause.  This applies to any watch listed on our sites whether the listing is independent of the tracking program or not. However, this system of only shipping from one appraiser to another appraiser has always worked successfully since approx. 1990 and it is very highly unlikely that you would encounter any difficulties.  The buyer and seller should ensure that all shipments between appraisers are fully insured.  The buyer, the seller or the appraiser is free to call myself, Martin Sheffield, at anytime with any questions at 800 252 1476 or

          For all registered and commissioned sales IGS Inc., keeps a complete file on the sale and monitors the progress at all stages of the sale.  The whole system is designed to keep it stress free for buyer and seller and to create a sale where the seller is getting a ‘fair’ price and yet the buyer is also paying a totally ‘fair’ amount for a fine Rolex timepiece that he/she would have otherwise paid approximately 10 to 20% higher if having purchased an identical model from an online Rolex watch internet site.