If you’re in the market of buying a fine diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry…………..


….this is the perfect site if you want to buy at the true, true wholesale price….or even below! 

….if you want to hear from a bona fide, independent, accredited gemologist right in your city that the diamond and/or colored stone item of jewellery matches all the papers that come with it. 

….if you want the most knowledgeable person in your city assisting you and setting you up with the ultimate goldsmith to create your unique setting. 

…..if you want to pay a true wholesale or less than wholesale price for diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry. . 

….if you want myself, Martin Sheffield, to assist you and to act as your personal advisor at any time during the purchase process. 

There are many, many people who buy a diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry and for one reason or another simply do not require the fine quality item any longer  Currently these people have very few options.  They could sell the jewelry item to an independent jeweler who will offer them a small percentage of the value and then they will put a huge markup on the jewelry piece. The other alternative is for these people to use an auction service where they may have to wait months to see a small return. 

………..this site will change everything.  The purpose of this site is to hook up bona fide sellers with bona fide buyers.  By both the sellers and buyers following the guidelines of this site, I will be connecting buyers and sellers from all locations within the country and enabling the buyers to purchase the diamond and/or colored stone item(s) of jewelry in full confidence and in a truly professional environment.  This system has never been done before and it is truly a Godsend for every person wanting to sell his/her diamond and colored stone item of jewelry in a respectable and professional manner.  This is a true opportunity for every purchaser to purchase in absolute full confidence and to deal with the top professional appraiser in their city.  In addition, I, Martin Sheffield, am here as your advisor  to guide you along every step of the way.

        The seller places an ad on this site http://sellingyourdiamond.net  You go to the listings section of the site and scroll through the many diamond and/or colored stone items of jewelry available for sale..    Once you spot the diamond and/or colored stone item that matches your fancy you may then compare the price by browsing other diamond internet sites and looking for comparables.  You should expect to be paying wholesale or below.  Realistically, by using this method of purchasing a diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry  you should be saving roughly 5 to 20% off the  true wholesale price of the item.     You may want to email or call the owner of the diamond and/or colored stone item  in order to discuss further details.  You will be able to view on line as much detailed information as possible.  Each diamond and/or colored stone item  should have a full detailed commentary, a copy of a certs such as GIA, AGS or EGL for the significant diamonds  as well as a recent report from an accredited bona fide appraiser such as those on http://www.diamondappraisers.net   Having thoroughly reviewed an item,  and if you feel that that item is truly the one you want, then you arrange for the owner of the item to return the item of jewelry  to the appraiser in his city who prepared the appraisal report and then for that appraiser to ship it to the appraiser that you chose in your city as per the listings on http://www.diamondappraisers.net or on a mutually agreed upon appraiser in your city.  Even before the diamond and/or colored stone item is shipped out you may contact the appraiser in the seller’s city to verify any details that you like.  The diamond and/or colored stone item  may even be at the seller’s appraiser when you call. The original appraiser who verified the diamond  and/or colored stone item  and prepared the original report will receive the jewelry item  back from the seller and before that appraiser ships it you may want to  ask him various questions regarding the jewelry item, such as……..”what is your opinion on the overall brilliance?”   ………”is it an eyeclean SI2 or eyeclean SI1?”, what is the workmanship on the item like?,  what hue is the sapphire, does the ruby have a dark or medium tone?    etc. etc.

       Before the appraiser ships the diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry the buyer will be required to leave a small deposit with http://www.sellingyourdiamond.net .  The amount of the deposit is $100.00USD if the list price  of the jewelry item is up to $5000, $200.00USD if the list price of the  jewelry item  is up to $10,000USD, $250.00USD if the list price of the jewelry item  is up to $15,000, $300.00USD if the list price of the jewelry item  is up to $20,000.00USD and $400.00USD if the list price is up to $25,000.00  Should the list price be over $25,000.00 then the deposit amount will be prearranged by myself and the seller.  Please contact Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 in order to pay the deposit.  The deposit may be paid by Visa, Mastercard or Amex.  At the time the deposit is made copies of the invoice and buyer-seller agreement will be issued to both buyer and seller.  If the buyer purchases the diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry then the deposit amount will be deducted from the amount that the buyer would have to wire transfer. The whole purpose of the deposit is to show sincerity and genuine interest especially if the seller is going to arrange to have the jewelry item shipped to any part of the country for the buyer to view.  The potential buyer would be responsible for the return shipping charges in case the diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry  is not purchased and the buyer’s appraiser would return the jewelry item  to the seller’s appraiser.  The deposit amount would be used to cover the return shipping and administrative and handling fee for returning the diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry. IGS Inc. would work with the buyer’s appraiser in coordinating the return of the jewelry item  to the seller’s appraiser.  In fact, from my experience very, very few returns will actually take place.  The appraiser, and only the appraiser   will send the jewelry item Fedex insured to the buyer’s appraiser with all the matching documentation and certificates.

      OK…….so we have a buyer interested in purchasing your diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry.   We are at the stage now where the buyer would  contact the appraiser in his/her city to whom the jewelry item  is being sent to set up an appointment.  At the appointment the appraiser will open up the package with you and totally review the diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry.  The appraiser will verify that the appraisals and other valid reports match, for example, the appraiser will thoroughly check the weight, dimensions, clarity, color, cut, etc. etc. so that you know the diamond in the center or the blue sapphire in the center  matches the report etc, etc.   You, the purchaser, are responsible for paying the appraiser in your city for his/her services. 

Now that everything has been satisfactorily checked out how do I complete the purchase?  You would then call the owner and make arrangements to pay http://www.sellingyourdiamond.net  by bank wire transfer.  Once the funds have been received by http://www.sellingyourdiamond.net ,  I, Martin Sheffield, will then call the appraiser to notify the appraiser that the item of jewelry has been paid for and that it may be released to the buyer.  I will also email the appraiser a ‘Jewelry Release Form’ that gives permission for the appraiser to release the item of jewelry.  The buyer would sign the form as well indicating that he or she has taken possession of the jewelry item.      The insurance appraisal you receive from the appraiser should be at ‘replacement value for insurance purposes’ (approx. 20% below retail).  You don’t want the appraiser to go too high on the value as then you would be paying the insurance company too much in premiums.  While at the appraiser it would be a good idea to have the appraisal done in your name and address for your insurance company. 

      After 10 days has passed I will mail out a check to the seller in order that the seller gets paid for the jewelry item.  The buyer has 7 days within which he may return the jewelry item for a refund less all shipping and additional expenses that had been incurred. The proper procedure would of course be for the buyer to return the item of jewelry to the appraiser in his city who would in turn ship the diamond Fedex insured to the appraiser in the seller’s city.

        Sometimes, a seller has a diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry and the main stone does not have  a GIA or AGS or other valid cert.  The accredited bona fide appraiser in the seller’s city from http://www.diamondappraisers.net would then appraise the item of jewelry.  Please remember that this appraiser has the same GG degree as the gemologist who would have graded the diamond when preparing the GIA reports.   Based on only the seller’s detailed appraisal you should feel comfortable having the item of jewelry  sent to your appraiser who, in turn, would verify the work of the seller’s appraiser.  Once your appraiser (the buyer’s appraiser) confirms that his/her appraisal matches the seller’s appraisal then I would honestly say that it safe to make the purchase.  It’s as though two doctors are giving the same diagnosis for an illness.         The process is that easy………..and it works.  If you’re confused with any steps along the way please call 800 252 1476 and please ask myself, Martin Sheffield, for assistance or mailto:diamonds@usacerteddiamonds.com  Please  remember  that I am moderator and overseer of this site and will get involved to make sure that all transactions go smoothly.

        It is very important as well for the seller to really ‘stay on top’ of the action and to inform myself, Martin Sheffield, of the progress  made.  You’re the one in charge.  It’s still your diamond till it’s been sold and the funds have been received.  Obtain the Fedex tracking number from your appraiser (seller’s appraiser) and follow the progress of the shipment. Do not share the tracking number with anyone except for the appraiser and, myself, Martin Sheffield, President of  SellingYour Diamond.net.  If there is any delay in the shipment or any matter of concern call Fedex and then your appraiser immediately.  Call the buyer’s appraiser if for any reason his office or lab was closed at the time of delivery.  Deal directly with Fedex to redeliver and coordinate a time with the buyer’s appraisal to make sure he receives it.  In the very unlikely event that  you feel there is a loss of the diamond en route via Fedex then the seller’s appraiser must initiate a claim immediately. After the buyer has visited the appraiser in his city and has viewed the diamond, the seller should call the buyer soon after in order to see how everything went and to confirm that, yes,  the sale has been made. Always involve yourself  and ‘keep the ball rolling’.  You shouldn’t run into a time where there is nothing happening at all.   Always ‘keep the ball rolling’ and always inform myself, Martin Sheffield, President of ‘SellingYourDiamond.net of the progress of the sale.  You must be the  one to stay on  top of the situation.  Please call myself, Martin Sheffield, for any further questions or assistance, or if you need help and guidance at any time during the sale. .

        Please note that these methods are used consistently by http://www.usacerteddiamonds.com and have proven to be extremely successful.  

 Please note that IGS Inc., and http://www.sellingyourdiamond.net and Martin Sheffield  are not liable for any damages or liabilities that may occur. However, if you follow the guidelines exactly as laid out in this website chances are very remote that anything could go wrong.  All the shipping is between the top notch appraisers in the country and I, Martin Sheffield, am here to assist and guide you all the way along.  I am a Graduate Gemologist, Accredited Appraiser and have been in the diamond business for approx. 40 years.   If you are unsure of anything please don’t hesitate to email me at anytime. 

        If you’re buying a diamond and/or colored stone jewelry item then you’re at the absolute right place to pick up a great deal  on such an item and if you’re here to sell a diamond and/or colored stone  jewelry item you should be able to get far, far more than all the other means by which you could sell your jewelry item. This site is a blessing for both buyers and sellers……………and it works beautifully!!!!!! 

As you can see, I, Martin Sheffield  am very actively involved in this process and am very sincere about protecting the buyer and seller from anything going wrong.  I am available at 800 252 1476 or mailto:diamonds@usacerteddiamonds.com anytime for any questions.  At  the same time, I feel that I am promoting a great service that is certainly beneficial to both the buyer and seller.  I am one of the first persons in the diamond industry to look at the dark almost ‘negative’  side of privately selling a diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry and am trying to turn it into a positive and rewarding experience for both buyer and seller.  Most of the appraisers in the US know me quite well since, at one time or another, I have had diamonds sent to them in order to be verified for clients.  The only real difference here is that the diamond and/or colored stone item of jewelry  is not coming from the diamond supplier but coming from the seller’s appraiser………truly,  that’s the only difference.  I am supplying an amazing site to locate diamond and colored stone items of jewelry  of extremely high quality.

Throughout the entire sales procedure  I am at the helm of  ‘SellingYourDiamond.net’ making sure that everything runs smoothly.  Remember, all procedures must be followed and that I am here for any guidance and questions and you should find the experience of buying your diamond very rewarding.

The client who advertises their diamond and/or colored stone jewelry items on our site have the option of just paying for the ad placement and not paying any commission for my help or involvement or guidance during the sale.  Those clients should be selling their jewelry items based on the advice given on the site.  However, I am not present to monitor everything.  It is recommended that as a buyer you read through the entire site so that you know all the correct procedural guidelines to follow.  As a buyer you may ask the seller if he’s involving myself, Martin Sheffield, in a ‘brokerage’ role.  If the seller does not use my services and treats it as a non-commission type sale,  the buyer then has the option of using my services.  I would then step in and get involved in the full supervision of the sale on behalf of the buyer.  I would provide complete involvement, guidance, and any help required by the buyer.  The buyer would then be paying an extra 5% at the time of completion of the sale.  However, the buyer may decide to just go along with the seller and both parties conduct the sale according to the guidelines as set forth in this website.  Again, I want to stress how important it is for both buyer and seller to read the website and become totally familiar with how this unique selling and buying process works.  I am always available to answer basic questions for all buyers and sellers at anytime.  You may reach, myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 -1476 or mailto:diamonds@usacerteddiamonds.com

If the seller decides to do everything on his own and not involve me in the sale, then the seller is just paying for the ad placement.  However, both buyer and seller may call me at anytime should any questions arise regarding the sale of the item.  I will be glad to answer all questions and lend support to the process, however, my role is limited to a certain extent if the sale is of a non-commission nature.